Interview: Sklar Brothers

Randy and Jason Sklar might be the funniest pair of brothers you’ll witness. The talented comedic duo joined together with writer/director Aaron N. Feldman to produce the fascinating comedic documentary Poop Talk. Yup, it’s what you’re thinking. The guys and I talk a lot about various shitty (pun intended) situations. Listen to the entire audio below.

What made you guys decide to go ahead with this film:

RS: This idea came to us from the director Aaron Feldman who is a friend of ours, we’ve known him for years. Great filmmaker. Really smart guy. We were talking and he asked us what we had coming up, then he said he has something that he would love you guys to help with. He said, I want to remain friends before I present this, we were like what is it? It’s the documentary about poop. Ok, we stayed.

JK: At first we were like no thanks.


This was one of my most fun interviews in a while. The subject matter lends to itself. The Sklar’s were awesome. Loved the back and forth we had talking shit. It was easy to open up and share stories of toilet adventures. The guys are really onto something here with this film. It’s one of the most engaging films that is a guaranteed conversation starter. It makes you think about how we view poop as this taboo subject matter and how much shame is associated to it.

Everyone has a poo story, but we never want to talk about it or listen about it. The array of comedians and professionals in the film adds multiple perspectives to this subject matter. You can hear Dr. Drew say one thing, then have a Rob Corddry follow up with with humor and you learn about his bidet obsession.

The Sklar’s were a blast to talk to and very engaging guys. The movie is fascinating and a must see.

Check out more on the Sklar’s tour dates and info 

POOP TALK releases on Friday, February 16 in select theaters and VOD

Interview: Actor Massimo Dobrovic

You’ve probably come across Massimo Dobrovic on-screen at some point. Whether it was on a reality show or a movie, he’s that unique actor with the cool European accent that catches your attention. He’s a fast riser in the industry. I spoke to Massimo about his career and how he got his start in acting. He really opens up about his life and views. Listen in to the interview and get to know Massimo Dobrovic. He has some great perspectives and is very passionate and inspiring individual.

Growing up in Europe how did acting become a part of your life:

MD: Yeah, I was born on the border between Italy and Croatia. My mom is Italian and my dad is Croatian, so I grew up bilingual. I spoke with my mom in Italian and my dad in Croatian. I became a member of the national theater when I was young, it’s all about theater there. Then I moved to Rome and did a lot of theater there. I traveled the world on different productions in English. I grew up as an actor in the theater. 

How was the acting in Europe for you and how did it prepare you for what you’re doing now:

MD: I grow up in theater and doing three shows a day. I used to do a lot of Disney musicals when I was young, like, The Little Mermaid, Lion King or Alice in Wonderland. A lot of these big musicals you’re performing for schools at 9 am, at noon and then the evening show for three or four months straight. That gave me a lot of education and strength as an actor because I really formed myself as an artist on the theater stage.


The first thing that really stood out to me is how well rounded, cultured and well traveled Massimo is. It takes an individual with a lot of drive and guts to travel the world and study acting all over the world at a young age. He talked about coming from a simple family, but the support he received must have been crucial in his pursuit.

He came to LA at a young age of 18. Personally I couldn’t imagine moving to a place like LA at 18. Not to be scared or intimidated by it is a heck of a mindset, but he credits his world travels at a young age. What really struck me was when Massimo talked about the pure love for acting and never giving up. He followed it up by learning how to accept rejection and maintaining positivity. His positivity isn’t an act, it’s real and I could completely believe it just by the passion in his voice.

Massimo emphasizes passion. You can easily tell how big passion is in his life and for acting. I remember seeing him a few years back on a reality show called Euros of Hollywood (Google it). I remember he stood out on that show. He was entertaining and seemed authentic.

What’s really cool about him that I appreciated is that he was well-spoken, had a opinion about all the questions and topics I asked about. I really enjoyed my conversation with him and look forward to bringing him on the Reel Talker podcast. Stay tuned.

Check out Massimo’s site for more info on him

Interview: Actress Diana Bang

When Thomas Middleditch isn’t pitching Verizon to you on TV commercials, he starts in interesting movies such as Entanglement. Diana Bang stars alongside Middleditch in the movie. I spoke to Diana about the film, her role and working with Middleditch.

What attracted you to the role and script of this film:

DB: Definitely just driven to the story and script. When I read it I was like oh this is a good script, I like it, I think for me for whatever reason being in a rom com indie film has been always high on my bucket list. So that already was a check for this film. The twist was really surprising and compelling to me. It was the story that drew me in.

What did you take away from the questions the film poses:

DB: Yeah, I mean what I got out of it is that we need each other. For me it’s kind of a story about self-love. My interpretation, I don’t know if it’s true or not, is that Hanna and Tabby are different versions of him.


It was easy to grasp that Diana definitely has a definitive quirky fun personality. I can totally see why she’s ideal for comedy films, especially romantic comedies. It was interesting to hear about her experience working alongside Middleditch. She described his acting as dark, depressing, interesting and playful. That’s a thoughtful and unique description that I wouldn’t have expected to have heard. Usually you’d hear something like hilarious or sarcastic, but dark and playful is an new one to me.

I had no idea she was into dancing and takes classes for it. This is the kind of information I enjoy learning about actors, as some of their hobbies off-set. Diana’s honesty and straightforwardness is refreshing and appreciated.

As far as the film goes, it’s one of these films that’s a bit out there. Just the questions it poses and approach it’s interesting as it is strange. Worth checking out for sure.

ENTANGLEMENT is out now in select theaters, Digital and On Demand

Interview: Actor Chris Mark

Kill Order (out now on DVD & VOD) is an sci-fi action flick from James Mark, starring his brother Chris Mark. Chris is a former stunt performer that’s appearing in dozens of film. He makes his leading role debut in this film. I spoke to Chris about the transition from stunt work to acting and more. The entire audio of the interview can be found below.

You’ve had a background in stunt work background, but what made you want to do this:

CM: Working in the stunt industry for so many years, I started to develop an interest in acting. I have since found a passion and goal of mine to act and do my own action. My brother who was the director of the film, his goal was to produce and create his own films, so we kinda had a common goal. He wrote the role with me in mind.

What was the transition into the acting for you:

CM: It was an interesting transition, I had already started doing acting while I was a stunt performer just for the sake of having that ability, while doing stunt. It’s actually good to have that ability because you’re always doing a little bit of acting doing stunt performing, that’s where I grew a real interest for acting.


I have a lot of respect for Chris and his journey from stunt man to actor. I can only imagine how physically taxing and potentially dangerous stunt work can be. These performers don’t get their proper due. Chris does nice work, especially in a leading role. His fight scenes were reminiscent to me of those 80’s and early 90’s martial arts movies.

The man talked to me on his lunch break, so props to him for trying to multitask talking to me and eating a sandwich. I was hoping to get some scoop about the upcoming X-Men movie he’s working on, but understandably he couldn’t say much about it. Looking forward to see what his next project will be. The film is worth a look, even though it’s silly to believe Chris plays a high school kid. That’s a man folks, he’s no kid, especially the way he kicks ass in the film.

KILL ORDER is available now on DVD, VOD and Digital HD

Interview: Director Hector Hernandez Vicens

In homage to the late great George A. Romero, director Hector Hernandez Vicens (The Corpse of Anna Friz) takes the reigns in the reimagining of the classic Day of the Dead. I spoke to Hector about Day of the Dead: Bloodline, how he was influenced by Romero’s and much more. Check out the entire audio of the interview below and check out Day of the Dead: Bloodline on Blu-day, DVD and Digital on February 6, 2018.

What prompted you to want to do this film:

HHV: One day I received the script from the producers asking me if I wanted to do the movie. I’m a fan of the George Romero trilogy. I read the script and was thinking of all the zombie scenes and about the movie I could make.


I found Hector to be one of the most detailed filmmakers I’ve spoken to. It was fascinating to hear how he approaches his film projects and the details from the set design wall colors to the smallest nuances. He’s like Bill Belichick scheming an opponent. That’s what visualizing a world from script to set is.

There was a bit of a disconnect in understanding my questions, such as when I asked him about his favorite movies he’s seen lately. He told me all about his favorite directors such as Hitchcock and Polanski, which is probably even more interesting, to hear his influences. It was cool hearing him praise 28 Days Later, which I absolutely agree with him as being one of the top zombie movies in the last couple decades.

What I got from the convo is that Hector is a passionate and very detailed filmmaker. It was interesting to hear that they auditioned actors through Skype. If you’re a fan of the George A. Romero movies then you should be pleased withe Day of the Dead: Bloodline.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline releases on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital on February 6

Interview: Actor Toby Sebastian

If you’re not familiar with Toby Sebastian, you certainly will soon. Sebastian is an up-and-coming star. Sebastian stars in The Music of Silence is out in select theaters, VOD and Digital HD on February 2. The film is based on the incredible real story of famed opera singer Andrea Bocelli. I had a chance to speak to Toby abut playing the iconic Bocelli in the movie and a lot more.

How did the role come about:

TS: I got a meeting audition through my agent. In England at the time. I went in and it went well, I ended up meeting the director Mike Radford, it was lovely. Then it was the usual process of auditioning. I went off and shot another film, at that time I thought my chances at Bocelli had gone, because I hadn’t heard in a couple weeks. Then after the whole shoot of the TV show I came back and they were like we want to get you back in. 

What was it like after you secured the role:

TS: When I landed the role, it was an overwhelming feeling. I wasn’t too scared when I first got the role, until I actually got out and started to think what I had to do. I had seven weeks, if I had it my way I’d have a year or two, but I had seven weeks to watch enough footage as I could.


I swear the first sentence that came out of Toby made me think I was talking to Henry Cavill, they sound so alike. I found Toby to be well-spoken and eloquent. It’s such a great role and it was a bit surprising to hear he wasn’t even scared or intimidated initially when he got the role. Toby does a fantastic job making things look so seamless when he’s singing in the movie. It looks as if he’s belting out the songs. Clearly he has musical and singing talent, even though he’s like the all of us that can’t sing like Bocelli.

It was so interesting to hear Toby talk about meeting Bocelli and sharing a few days together. That must be one of these once in a lifetime memories he will cherish forever. It was nice to hear how Bocelli treated him well and made him feel comfortable.

This movie really had me invested and interested. The Bocelli story is so fascinating and inspiring. Toby does a phenomenal job playing Bocelli, they even both look so much alike, it’s uncanny. The Music of Silence is a fantastic movie, that is enjoyable for anyone, especially Bocelli fans.

The Music of Silence is out in theaters, VOD and Digital HD on February 2, 2018

Interview: Actor Chase Pollock

Chase Pollock is a young actor on the rise. He recently starred in Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas! and will be seen in the upcoming Mount Liptak. I spoke to chase about his role in Santa Stole Our Dog and about what he likes to do in his free time. The entire audio of the interview with Chase can be found below the excerpts.

How did the movie theme and role relate to you:

CP: Yeah, so Christmas is me and my family’s favorite time of the year and I love dogs too, so it was best of both worlds, a really nice combo. 

What’s the message of the movie that you initially saw: 

CP: It’s a really good family movie. It’s about a family coming together to get their dog back. Throughout the movie it drives their family  together. It’s about these two kids struggling parents divorce and their parents kinda fighting over the kids.


I want to apologize for the sound issues. There was an issue with a background noise when Chase spoke. Now, I don’t interview kids and teens often so it was a little different approach for me. I had to bring the energy and try to relate, even though Chase is pretty well-spoken and fun to talk to.

This being his first feature film, he did a solid job. I was actually surprised that he saw and loved War Dogs. Doesn’t strike me as a movie for teens, but he liked it and so did I, so that was a bit of a bonding thing we share in common. He seems like a cool kid, so it will be interesting to see where his career takes him in the next few years.

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