Olivia Cooke and Saskia Reeves on the Mysterious Socks Gary Oldman Wears in “SLOW HORSES”

Olivia Cooke has been a favorite of mine for a while. She’s one of the most underrated and best English actresses. Saskia Reeves is a highly accomplished and respected actress that has carved out a fantastic career for herself both on stage and on screen.

Olivia and Saskia share the screen in the new Apple TV+ series Slow Horses. I had a chance to speak to both ladies as part of their Slow Horses press day. I asked them about working together and their favorite things about each other. Plus, I managed to get the insight on Gary Oldman’s socks (you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see the show).


Olivia and Saskia were a lot of fun. Olivia Cooke is a bit of a ball-buster, which is super cool in my book. Both women did a great job on the show. I enjoyed their flushed out characters and grounded performances. They had great chemistry in the interview, so they definitely must have gotten along well on and off-set.

I got some good insight info on the Gary Oldman “sockgate”. His character Jackson Lamb wears socks with holes, so apparently Olivia wasn’t aware of that initially, but then learned it was purposefully done to mimic the character in the novel. Pretty funny, I just imagine Olivia’s initial reaction, would have loved to been there to see it. I did get Gary’s version of it also.

The ladies had very nice things to say about each other. Saskia spoke about Olivia’s modesty and how easy she is to work with and get along. Olivia spoke about her respect and reverence she has for Saskia and her accomplishments. It was really nice seeing them speak glowingly of each other.

SLOW HORSES will premiere globally on April 1, 2022 with new episodes premiering weekly on Fridays thereafter, exclusively on Apple TV+

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