REEL TALKER: A website that will provide honest and outspoken film and television commentary. 

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My name is Jim Alexander, I’m the creator of Reel Talker. I’ve been a movie writer for numerous outstanding outlets, including: TheMovieBlog.com, TheYoungFolks.com, ScreenRant.com, as well as my own blog about The Bachelor/Bachelorette, called Bachelor Universe. I’m also one of the founders and current director of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle (CIFCC), a Chicago based film critics organization. I’ve always been someone that wants to reach for the stars. Never settle. Which has lead me to creating this site. Why the name Reel Talker? I’m quite the talker, always have a strong opinion on something, and I don’t hold back on it. Seemed like a natural fit for a site name.

My goal and inspiration for Reel Talker is to be a place where you can get the real commentary and honest opinion, while also entertaining you. Movies are fun, so I want to make this site be fun also. My mission is to write in a relatable conversational voice. I want to make Reel Talker a fun destination for you. Have humor be a standard in the articles, interviews, videos, podcasts and all the site will produce. You may not always agree with the commentary and opinion, or not fond of the humor and there is nothing wrong with that. Expect entertaining, fun, serious and even silly commentary and questions.

Reel Talker will be as engaging site as you can have and interactive. I want you to know who I am and will make my presence apparent. I will strive to provide unique content with fresh new approaches. If at the end of the day you are left being informed and entertained then my mission has been accomplished. Don’t by shy to provide your feedback. Make Reel Talker you go to destination.


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