Bella Thorne and Melissa Leo Reveal Their Impressions of Each Other

On the surface, Bella Thorne and Melissa Leo seem like they would be polar opposites. Not quite true actually. They team up and work well together in Measure of Revenge. The actresses also have admiration for each other from what I learned when I had a chance to speak to them.

Bella and Melissa spoke to me about working together, the qualities they appreciate about each other, plus some commentary on Melissa’s home design.


Melissa and Bella were fun and engaging to talk to. Bella had a lot of energy and it was noticeable when she spoke about Melissa. It was evident the way Bella spoke about her that Melissa was a real leader on set.

The two ladies seemed to have enjoyed working with another and Melissa confirmed that. I made them laugh a few times, but I was really digging into Melissa’s character Lillian. They must have thought I was believed the character was real, as Melissa made a mention that it’s just a character. I most have came off foolish. Although, can you blame me for thinking Melissa’s room had church-like windows? Ha

Fun role for Melissa, Bella held her own. Interesting plot and good twist at the end.

MEASURE OF REVENGE in Theaters, on Digital and On Demand March 18th, 2022

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