Rainey Qualley and Chelsea Lopez on Their Friendship and Animal Rescue

The Qualley girls have been on a roll. Margaret is the more mainstream Qualley sister, but Rainey is doing her thing in film and music. She stars alongside her real-life friend Chelsea Lopez in Ultrasound. The duo star in the sci-fi Ultrasound.

I spoke to Rainey and Chelsea about working together on the film, their friendship and love for animals, especially cats in Rainey’s case. Check out the entire interview with the ladies below.


Rainey and Chelsea were nice, but a little more introverted than I imagined them to be. Rainey is absolutely stunning. Her eyes are mesmerizing. Yes, I’m clearly crushing on her, can you blame me? She seemed a bit shy, but really opened up when she was talking about her cat and passion for fostering. Both of these ladies have talent and most importantly compassion.

Chelsea revealed that she has a close friendship with Rainey and Margaret. She has worked on films with both of them, which is pretty cool. They also share their love for animals and Chelsea spoke about having a fostering farm for animals together with Rainey. That sounds like a fantastic idea to me! I’m a huge proponent for animal rescue and rights. I’m glad there are people out there like Rainey and Chelsea who care and walk the walk.

The director Rob Schroeder and I spoke about the casting for this film and I do wonder if he knew of Chelsea’s and Rainey’s friendship? Either way, it worked out.

Anyone with such compassion for animals has a good heart and I no doubt feel that these two women do. By the way my favorite part was Rainey’s cat showing up on video, so cute. Even though I referred to the kitty as a “she” when Rainey clearly said it was a boy. So that was my mistake. Need to listen better next time. Now go check them out in the movie and donate and help a local rescue. If Rainey and Chelsea didn’t add motivation on doing that, I don’t know what would?

ULTRASOUND releases in Theaters and On Demand March 11, 2022

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