Actress Nadine Crocker Discusses How Her Suicide Attempt Lead to ‘CONTINUE’

Nadine Crocker is far more than just an actress, writer and director, she’s a survivor. Nadine starred in the 2016 Cabin Fever and also appeared in Supergirl. Nadine’s latest film Continue is no doubt the most personal one she’s ever had and probably ever will be part of.

I spoke to Nadine Crocker about her personal struggles she’s had and how it inspired her to write, direct and star in Continue, which is based by her own personal life experiences.


Nadine is an absolute joy to speak to. She’s so kind, engaging and transparent. I really felt we had a genuine deep conversation. She’s a legitimately genuine individual. I’m so happy that she overcame her struggles and now is turning her story into a story of hope for many with her film Continue.

Speaking of Continue, the film feels so personal. Nadine did a terrific job all-around, with the script, directing and acting. She did share how it wasn’t an easy process, especially when you add the often overlooked part of getting a production going behind-the-scenes and getting a film made.

A film doesn’t have to have all the glitz and excitement when it’s as personal and raw as Continue is. I’m glad Nadine was brave enough to share her deeply emotional story. It really has a chance to affect people in a positive way seeing how Nadine overcame and succeeded in life and is living proof of it.

I appreciated how empathetic she was when I shared the story of my mom and my personal difficulties. It really was cathartic watching the film and sharing it with Nadine. If you’re struggling in life, find someone to speak to professionally and personally if you can, it can be life-changing.

Nadine and I shared a moment about her role in Cabin Fever. I’m a fan of the film and still vividly remember her being naked and covered in blood. It was a memorable scene.

As gorgeous as Nadine is, her soul seems to be even more beautiful. I’m glad I had a chance to connect with her. I hope she continues to inspire and create great art. She seems to be in a good place personally and professionally from what she shared. Nadine is a mom, a successful artist and a survivor. Quite the accomplishments to be proud of. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

For more information check out the CONTINUE website

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