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Prior to seeing this, I wasn’t familiar with the Monkey King franchise. This isn’t a genre of movie that I’m usually interested in, but I gave Monkey King 3 a chance and must say it was pretty solid. The visuals are very appealing and colorful. There is some good cinematography work being done to make the land pop and look grand. It has this Lord of the Rings feel to it. In this installment the magical golden monkey and his crew are trapped in the land of women (Come on, that can’t be bad at all!).

The special effects could be viewed as choppy in a different setting, but it works for this sort of live action-adventure. It resembles an updated Planet of the Apes (Heston version) films in terms of tone and look. Important to note that this is a Chinese film with English subtitles only. So if you can’t bear subtitles, this might be a difficult watch.

THE MONKEY KING 3 is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

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