‘Peter Pan’ 65th Anniversary Blu-ray Release Date Announcement

Peter Pan is one of the most recognizable Disney classics ever. It’s been 65 years since the release! In celebration of it, the Walt Disney Signature Collection will be released the film on Blu-ray on June 5, 2018. You can catch it earlier on Digital and Movies Anywhere on May 29. Check out these loaded bonus features that will be included:

Bonus Features:
New Signature Collection Bonus

  • Stories from Walt’s Office: Walt & Flight – “Think of the happiest things, it’s the same as having wings”. One thing you’ll notice inside Walt Disney’s office are all of the models and pictures of airplanes. Walt loved planes and was an aficionado of flying. As a continuation of the “Stories from Walt’s Office” series, we’ll soar into the world of one of Walt’s favorite pastimes and look at the history behind the company airplane he used to scout Central Florida looking for the perfect place to build his second theme park.
  • A “Darling” Conversation with Wendy & John: Kathryn Beaumont and Paul Collins  Join Disney Legend Kathryn Beaumont (the voice of Wendy) and Paul Collins (the voice of John) as they reunite for the first time in many years to reminisce and discuss their experiences working on Peter Pan, meeting Walt Disney and learning to fly … literally.
  • You Can Fly” – A new “Oke” rendition and graphic look of the classic Disney song, “You Can Fly,” with fun lyrics on screen and lots of your favorite “Peter Pan” characters.
  • “Never Smile at a Crocodile” – A new “Oke” rendition and graphic look of the deleted song, “Never Smile at a Crocodile”, with fun lyrics on screen and highlighting the relationship between Captain Hook and Tick- Tock the Crocodile.

Legacy/Classic Bonus

  • DisneyView
  • Sing-along Version of the film: Sing along with your favorite songs from the movie.
  • Growing Up with Nine Old Men – “Peter Pan is both a story of living with a child’s sense of openness to the world and an acknowledgement that the path to adulthood most often leads away from those qualities. A parallel of sorts to that duality can be found in Walt Disney and his core group of animators, the Nine Old Men, in their lives and in their work. Our short film will look at who they were and the parts they played in one of the most remarkable team of artists that ever worked together.
  • Deleted Song: “The Pirate’s Song” – Original demo recording of the song played over concept art.
  • Deleted Song: “Never Smile at a Crocodile” – With music played over static concept art of the crocodile from Pater Pan.
  • Deleted Song: “The Boatswain Song” – With music played over static concept art of Captain Hook and his crew.
  • Deleted Scene: “The Journey Home” – A proposed alternate ending where Peter asks the Lost Boys to return home with Wendy and the other children.
  • Deleted Scene: “Alternate Arrival” – A deleted scene where Wendy and the children are initially attacked by the Lost Boys because Tinker Bell tells them that Wendy is holding Peter captive. We also see in this version of the story that Nana the dog travels to Never Land with Wendy and the children.
  • Disney Song Select – Simply play the clip from the movie with subtitles underneath it.
    • “The Second Star to the Right
    • “You Can Fly”
    • “A Pirate’s Life”
    • “Following the Leader”
    • “Your Mother and Mine”
  • Audio Commentary Hosted by Roy Disney – Audio commentary hosted by Roy Disney, but carried on by several other people.
  • Music and More
    • ”Never Land”: The Lost Song – A bonus piece that sets up the backstory of where this lost song was found and how Richard Sherman recomposed it.
    • Music Video: “Never Land” – Music Performed by Paige O’Hara – A music video of the song “Never Land”
    • Music Video: “The Second Star to the Right” – Music Performed by T-Squad – A music video of the song “The Second Star to the Right” performed by T-Squad.
  • Backstage Disney
    • You Can Fly: The Making of ‘Peter Pan’ – A making-of video of the 1953 Disney classic, “Peter Pan.”
    • In Walt’s Words: “Why I Made ‘Peter Pan’” – Based upon an article written by Walt Disney retold as a dramatic recreation.
    • Tinker Bell: A Fairy’s Tale – An introspective video on the creation, history and personality of the one and only “Tink.”
    • The Peter Pan That Almost Was – Hosted by Ron Clements and John Musker, we take a look at the storyboards and early concepts of a version of the “Peter Pan” film that never saw the light of day.
    • The “Peter Pan” Story – An original featurette for the film created in 1952.

Movie Review: Fishbowl California

If you’re looking for an indie darling of 2018, look no further than Michael A. MacRae’s Fishbowl California. This charming comedy hits on all fronts with humor, entertainment and characters worth getting to know. Find out why this is a must see movie:


The film centers on a down-on-his-luck guy named Rodney, played by Steve Olson (more on him later). Everything in Rodney’s life is falling apart. He’s lost a hold of his surroundings. Girlfriend issues, issues with work, nowhere to live. It’s an early life crisis. Rodney manages to find work from a bitter, unpleasant snarky widow that has a drinking issue. Not the kinda boss you’d wish for. They are an unlikely match that leads to lots of self-discoveries for both characters.

Fishbowl is relatable story of sorts. We’ve all had points in our lives where everything was going wrong and you start to lose hope. I’ve been there myself recently actually. It’s a story of a simple guy. Flawed. Tries to do good. Bad luck follows him everywhere.


This is where things really stand out. As a small budget indie, writer and director MacRae surely didn’t have a budget to acquire big name starts, which in reality would probably have hindered this movie a bit, so instead he plucks out some real unfamiliar talent. The main one being Steve Olson.


What makes Olson such a gem of a find is how relatable he is on-screen. It’s as if he’s not even acting, but rather just being himself. This is perfect for the character he plays in the film. Olson has this genuine natural charisma about him. He’s funny without trying to be funny. Interestingly he commands this presence just by his authenticity. You want to watch him. Olson has this real comedic timing that’s hard to teach.

Katherine Cortez plays June, the miserable older lady that Rodney works for. Cortez manages to capture the essence of this character from the get-go. Her character is an ideal contrast to Rodney, but in a way they are also very similar. He’s goofy, outgoing and annoying, while she’s a gloomy, grouchy lady spewing clever one-liners. It’s noticeable that Cortez is a seasoned character actress.


Jenna Willis plays June’s daughter, Olivia, who manages to match wits with Rodney and gives him some shit for his wild antics. She has this sharp no bullshit attitude and this serious sensibility about her. She’s a nurse, so it’s fitting that she’s the character most put-together and mature.

The most recognizable “name” actors in the film are Katrina Bowden (Piranha 3DD, Sex Drive) and Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) playing supporting roles. Aaron has a really fun role of a convenience store clerk, it allows him to have fun and show off his personality.  Bowden’s role is a lot more limited, but she plays Rodney’s girlfriend and is significant to the plot.


The one thing that is noticeable is how this film takes place in the bright California daylight. Now, maybe it was just a coincidence or budget and production didn’t allow much night filming, but it’s unique as it really puts a stamp on the California look and feel to it. There is a lot of natural light and it goes along with the quirky vibe of Olson’s character.


This film is a lot of fun. Each character has a unique humorous side to them and deliver the comedy in different ways. Rodney is more of smartass and has a sarcastic deadpan humor. When it comes to Aaron’s character, he has this oblivious sense of humor to him. Point being, each character delivers natural humor that fits their characters and the scenes they are in.


The plot itself is constantly on the go. There is always some sort of drama occurring and a new obstacle Rodney’s character has to deal with. These obstacles are placed with a purpose. Guaranteed genuine laughs from start to finish.


Pick up that DVD when it comes out on May 1st. You won’t regret it. This is a well crafted sharply written film that manages to keep you entertained throughout the way. The element that ultimately stands out is the message that the movie delivers. The plot really comes full circle towards the end.

MacRae uses the majority of his characters that appear in the film with purpose and distinction. They legitimately all play a role in the essence of the plot. It’s a like a well gelled sports team. Everyone on the roster contributing to the success of the team. No role in this movie is small or insignificant.


  • Talented cast that works well together
  • Clever script
  • Genuinely funny


  • None noticeable, it works ideally as is 

Fishbowl California is a cinderella that plays like a blockbuster. Nothing seems amateur or “indie” about it. It looks good, it’s smart, the acting is high level and most importantly it entertains. When you leave with a smile on your face and and have this immediate “ah” moment, you know the movie did something well. This is the reaction I left the movie with. That’s a good thing. It’s one of my favorite movies of 2018.

VERDICT: A gem of a indie darling that feels and looks like anything but indie. Funny, witty and genuine. Highly recommend seeing it. Steve Olson is a name to watch out for. A surely bright career ahead of him. 


  • GENRE: Comedy-Drama
  • RUNTIME: 1 hr 23 min
  • Release Date: May 1, 2018 (available on DVD, Amazon, iTunes)

Reel Talker Podcast: Special Guest Deon Taylor

This is Traffik week here at Reel Talker. The superb thriller hits theaters on 4/20 and it’s one of those must-see movies. I had a chance to interview the writer and director of it, Deon Taylor. If you checked out the interview, you already know that Deon had so much good stuff to share that it was only fitting that he’d come back to do a podcast with me. Luckily enough Deon was gracious enough to give his time.

In this interview, we touch on all sort of stuff, including the film and we even make some NBA Playoff predictions. Make sure to check out the interview with Deon, it’s a lot of fun, and go see Traffik in theaters!



Super Troopers 2 Chicago Red Carpet Premiere

Super Troopers 2 is out on 4/20 in theaters nationwide. Prior to the nationwide release, the cast of Super Troopers rolled through Chicago for the premiere of the film. Reel Talker Jim Alexander was there to cover the red carpet festivities.

Here is the full version with me asking silly questions. Please bear (no pun intended) through the audio. It was chaotic in the claustrophobic red carpet.



‘SUPER TROOPERS 2’ is out now in theaters everywhere

Movie Review: Traffik

The best kind of movies are the ones that stay with you long after they are over. Movies that make you reflect on your life in relation to it. It’s not common to come across a movie that impacts you that way. Traffik is that unique movie that will have you thinking and Googling all about what you see. Here is the full breakdown of the film:


This is an interesting movie to describe. It’s actually a tale of two halves. The first half is a real solid action thriller, that’s both gripping and engaging. The second half continues the intrigue, but adds a heavy important layer of truth. In a sense, comparable to a documentary.

Writer and director Deon Taylor brings a real issue to light—human trafficking. We’ve seen movies hint or portray trafficking before. Heck, Eli Roth did it with Hostel years ago, but not in the way that Taylor manages to do it. What Taylor brings to the surface is not only human trafficking, but human trafficking that’s occurring in our backdoors, domestically.


The quick synopsis sees Omar Epps and Paula Patton’s characters have their weekend getaway ruined by a biker gang. The gang is out for them and carrying plenty of dangerous secrets.


Paula Patton turns any role into gold that she takes. No different here where she’s playing Brea. She’s fantastic. What Patton does so well is she’s relatable and knows how to be playful on-screen, but turn to a serious side within a snap of the fingers. Her role in Traffic requires her to show some real vulnerability, which she does flawlessly.

Omar Epps delivers on his end. His character John is cool and calm under a lot of chaos, but steps up when he needs to protect Brea.


Luke Goss plays this slick villain. He’s oddly polite and subtly intimidating. The quiet terror.

Taylor assembles a talented and versatile cast that meshes well together and deliver fine performances.


As far as the look, it’s has the perfect aura of a good thriller. It has this dark moody look that correlates to what’s happening on-screen. For example, when things aren’t chaotic and the plot is developing earlier on, most of the scenes take place in the bright daylight. Now, when things start getting ugly and dangerous, the scenes take place in middle of night in a desolate area. Perfect mood and ideal look to it.

The sound and music is fitting to the on-screen action. That’s a good thing.


Hell yeah this movie is entertaining. It grips you and has your attention from early on. Actually, it’s a bit of a love story initially. You have no idea where it all will end up. The car and motorcycle chase scene is thrilling in itself and well shot. This movie has a really nice build that isn’t rushed and has good pacing to it.

It’s hard not to enjoy these actors bring it their all. Theme aside, this is a really entertaining thriller. You follow these characters and they uncover the truths and fight for their lives.


You will be entertained and educated also. Win-win situation. Credit Taylor for blending the entertainment while still maintaining the big picture message and warning about human trafficking.


Most definitely this is a must-see movie. It’s important to be educated and made aware of an issue that’s happening right in front of us on a daily basis that affects us and people around us. It could be your child, friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, wife. No one is safe from this hidden silent pandemic.

The stats and numbers that are shared at the end of the movie will surely startle you. Hopefully it will make you want to research and find out more about human trafficking and how we need to be more conscious of it and have conversations about it.

Some scenes will make you cringe, but it’s the sort of cringe that needs to be witnessed. Traffik is the most important PSA movie you’ll see this year. Smart, crafty, slick filmmaking with an entertaining plot and gravitating performances. It’s terrifying and feels so real.



  • Important message 
  • Entertaining plot 
  • Fine performances 


  • Nothing that stands out

Traffik is a unique mix of fun and scary, with an important message at its core. This film is a conversation starter. Nothing can replace the power of that. I couldn’t help but think about this film for days after. It stuck with me. From personal experience, I always go into a movie with the hope that it can affect me and stay with me. Traffik does that. It educated me and made me a lot more aware of this international and domestic issue we don’t focus enough about as a society. I wanted to learn more about it and start those conversations that need to be had.

VERDICT: Deon Taylor made a movie that will impact people’s lives. It’s bigger than this review, Rotten Tomatoes score or any criticism or commentary it receives. The message is what stands out, and he delivers it in a startling way that will force you to notice. Consider this topic of conversation, started. 


  • GENRE: Thriller
  • RUNTIME: 1 hr 36 min
  • RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2018

TRAFFIC is playing in theaters nationwide 

Interview: Filmmaker Deon Taylor

It’s rare to have a film stay with you long after it ends, but Traffik is that kind of movie. I spoke to the director of the film, Deon Taylor. Deon is a really energetic and engaging individual. Hear him talk about the film and how he was influenced to make it. This is a must listen for everyone as Deon shares some important things.


Deon was pure joy to talk to. From the first sentence that he spoke I just knew the energy he would bring. It’s fascinating to hear how life influences art, in this case being how Deon was came about the stories of human trafficking domestically through sheer awareness and curiosity.

It was just so easy to talk to this man. He’s so passionate about the film and the topic that it comes through at all times when he speaks. I was very influenced by the theme also. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen. Human trafficking happens on our doorsteps and it’s one of the most dormant societal epidemics we aren’t fully aware of. I hope this movie can start that conversation about how real it is and we need to spread awareness about human trafficking.

The unique thing he does with this film is that he delivers on the entertainment and thrills, yet he combines it and wraps around the important theme and delivers the message that the movie centers on. I love Paula Patton. She’s a fantastic underrated actress that always comes through. Not to mention she’s a beauty. She makes all the necessary character transitions seamlessly.

I sure hope that this movie gets many eyes on it. It’s informative and brings up a topic that we haven’t put the necessary focus on as a society.

Interview: Filmmaker Fritz Böhm

The Brothers Grimm would be proud of Fritz Böhm’s Wildling. The fantasy horror film is out now in select theaters in NYC & LA, VOD and Digital HD. I had an opportunity to speak to Fritz about the movie and some of his favorite fantasy films, we also even get to the topic of raking leaves. Listen in to what Fritz has to say.


Fritz was a lot of fun to talk to. I expected a semi-heavy German accent, what I heard from him was a better English than mine. Hard to believe Wildling is only his third movie. The creativity and visuals and storytelling are that of a veteran filmmaker.

It was interesting to hear his inspirations for this film and how he valued E.T. as a movie that took the fantasy genre to another level. The mention of how he utilized the creature and went against the stereotypes of the genre.

Fritz seemed to be a huge proponent of Bel Powley. She’s an interesting actress in the way she seems to be quirky on-screen and off. Kinda like Aubrey Plaza. She’s good in the role she plays in this film.

My favorite part of the interview was talking to him about his hobbies outside of the biz. In what might be one of the best answers I’ve ever heard to this question, Fritz said it was doing the simple things such as raking leaves! Now that’s a chore nobody wants to do. Props to him on that. Now if that isn’t a down-to-earth kinda guy, I don’t know who would be.

Wildling is a very imaginative film. Films of this kind are usually kid movies, but this one isn’t. It’s worth a look, even for the sake of its uniqueness.

‘WILDLING’ is out now in select theaters in NYC & LA, VOD and Digital HD