Digital Casino Games Inspired by Movies

We’ve all lived through an amazing digital revolution that has transformed the perception and
popularity of gaming. Online casino games have become one of the world’s great leisure
pastimes in recent years.

Previously games of chance like slot machines and roulette were only usually available in
physical licensed venues. Often, they were a long way away from a player.

Even having a game on a slot machine could involve a time-consuming trip somewhere. It
was often more like a special occasion – not an easily accessible bit of fun.

The internet has changed all that completely. There has been an amazing spread of remote
devices that can access the worldwide web and a huge explosion in the things available
once you go there.

From medical appointments to watching films, most of us now can use smartphones,
laptops, and pads to have private access to the net and a huge range of content. It has
made activities like online gaming amazingly accessible compared to the difficult old days.

At the same time authorities across the globe have relaxed their dated rules and restrictions
about gaming. These often dated back to the era of specific gaming venues and how best to
control and regulate them.

That has all changed with the huge rise in popularity for online playing.

Authorities started to realise there was a big demand to play online games such as casino
games. At the same time these officials noted that by regulating and taxing online gaming
they could boost public funds considerably.

In some parts of the world, like New Zealand, the laws haven’t always kept up with
developments in the internet marketplace. This means there is an odd situation in New
Zealand where online players can use gaming sites based in other countries – but not based
in New Zealand.

There has been a huge boom in the number of online players in New Zealand – as there are
various online casino real money nz who offer their games and services to citizens in New

Winning New Customers

The online gaming market is growing everywhere – creating a very competitive atmosphere
between the leading operators.

That’s great for players in the short term because it means plenty of free offers, bonuses and
discounts to lure newcomers to casino sites.

It’s also good in the long term – because these online operators are investing heavily in
producing new and enticing games. There are vast profits to be made, so leading online
casino operators have been able to employ the top web builders and graphic designers.

These expert game creators have been able to create a massive range of games and
features on the top casino sites. Even familiar games have been given fantastic makeovers
by giving them attractive new themes.

Movie Themes

Games can be based around popular rock bands, favourite travel destinations and the best
fantasy characters. One of the most popular themes, especially for new slot games, has
proved to be movies.

Many of the most popular of today’s slot games are based around a favourite film star or
movie franchise.

This may involve spectacular graphics from the film, clips of footage or bursts of the
soundtrack. It may even involve using visuals from the movie as the actual symbols on the
reels that form the pay lines.

Take a look at the range of movies involved in some of today’s most popular film-themed


The Legend of Ron Burgundy has become one of the world’s most popular comedy films. It’s
a total cult classic.

And it makes a great theme for a slots game. The mustachioed newsreader is there of
course along with his whole Channel 5 news team.

There’s even a spot for his dog Baxter, who appears in a wild spin feature. It’s a chance to
laugh as you play – but just remember to ’stay classy’.

Oliver Twist

Here’s something completely different: a chance to immerse yourself and your game-playing
in this timeless period drama.

Play along with Dickens’ great characters in Victorian London. Meet Oliver, Fagin and The
Artful Dodger while enjoying the thrill of a sophisticated slot game.

You’ll end up asking: ‘Please sir, can I have another game?’ Just make sure that playing it
doesn’t pick a pocket or two…


The legendary boxing movie series is now the theme of a great movie slot. Spin the reels for
a chance to win but at the same time enjoy the nostalgia of Sly Stallone’s classic film.

Worried you may not win? Just remember Rocky’s inspiring line: “Every champion was once
a contender!”

Casino Royale

Enjoy spending time in the company of Daniel Craig’s 007 amid a world of international
espionage and intrigue. It helps that the movie has its fair share of casino action too.

Look out for plenty of bonus features and high-end jackpots too – just like the movie. This is
one game that is certainly licensed to thrill.

Jurassic Park

Spielberg’s classic now forms the theme of a scintillating slot game. With 200 paylines it’s
almost as thrilling as a visit to the fantasy island… and a lot safer.

Players spin the reels amid an enthralling display of jungle vegetation, popular characters…
and of course deadly dinosaurs. Why is that drink vibrating like that?

With titles like these it’s no surprise that movie-themed slots are becoming so popular.
Leading online casinos are producing some modern classics – in slot form

It’s all great news for film fans and slot players. It’s now easy to combine two great thrills in
one easy leisure pursuit – anytime, anywhere.

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