The Best Movie-Themed Digital Games

When thinking about digital games, there’s a high chance that you have epics like The Elder Scrolls or Cyberpunk 2077 in mind, which require more time out of your day to play than you probably have to spare. While playing video games for 4 to 8 hours is a valid vocation for the rare few who have been able to enjoy professional careers in eSports, for most adult gamers with a full-time job and plenty of other responsibilities, it’s simply not an option.  

You’ll be pleased to know, then, that there are a bunch of games out there that you can turn to as and when you’d like to play without having to make such a demanding time investment. The best thing is that these games are based on movies that you’re probably already quite familiar with. From the hit titles based on equally successful movies to the games inspired by classic movie scenes, here’s our shortlist of the four best movie-themed digital games to cosy up with this winter.  

Goldeneye 007 

If there’s one game that defined Nintendo gaming in the 20th century, it was Goldeneye 007. Arguably far more enjoyable than the movie version, this legendary game was one of the best first-person shooters of its time. Factor in the fact that you could actually feel like James Bond while playing it, and it was always bound to be a major hit.  

Now, a new generation of gamers can discover what all the fuss was about, while those of us who remember it from the first time around can take a trip down memory lane as the title is now being added to Nintendo’s Switch Online streaming service. Sure, as far as graphics go, it isn’t quite on par with modern FPS games, but it’s storyline and gameplay remain as engaging as ever.  

Alien: Isolation 

In parallel with the movie franchise itself, previous versions of Alien video games have been a bit hit and miss. Alien: Isolation, however, is a solid stand-alone video game, which also happens to capture that same level of dread that Ridley Scott’s Alien continues to invoke in audiences today.  

Featuring strategic, stealth-like gameplay, as well as stunning graphic and audio design, Isolation is a game for players who love to be thrilled. Taking place 15 years after the events onboard the space tug Nostromo, the game follows Amanda Ripley as she journeys to discover the brutal truth about what happened to her matriarch.  

Digital Slots  

Ok, so digital slot games aren’t based on a specific movie per se, but you can’t deny how often these iconic casino games pop up on both the big and the small screen. Whether they’re in the background of gaming scenes in Rain Man, taking a more prominent role in the aptly-titled Casino, or providing a pivotal moment of dramatic irony – well, as much as there’s any to be found – in Paul Verhoeven’s seminal Showgirls, slots are what we most associate the casino with.  

Luckily for both casino and video gaming enthusiasts, it’s now easier than ever before to place a cheeky wager or two on the spinning wheels. Thanks to platforms like PokerStars Casino, you can play a huge selection of digital slot games and, with its generous sign up bonus promotions, play them without having to spend a dollar.  

Mad Max 

Released just after George Miller’s Fury Road hit the silver screen, Mad Max, the video game, unfortunately, flew under the radar upon its initial release in 2015. Although the game itself isn’t based on any particular film in the gritty franchise, it nevertheless does a great job of immersing players in the desert wasteland that is Max Rockatansky’s world.  

As an open-world game, Mad Max will suit most gamers regardless of how little or much time they have to play. Playing as the titular character, you’re tasked with finding fuel for the Interceptor. Along the way, you’ll have to do battle with formidable opponents and look for ways to upgrade your rig to ensure it survives the desert journey. There’s also the option to simply roam around the environment, discovering new – if barren – landscapes and solving challenges along the way.  

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