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Not often do you get a movie that you feel you haven’t seen before or heard the story told from a specific perspective. Landing Up follows two homeless women who appear to be anything but homeless. The films writer and producer is also the star of it, Stacey Maltin plays Chrissie-Callie (both names apply), an attractive homeless woman who tries to seduce men in order to get a roof over her head for the night.

Director Dani Tenenbaum along with his wife Maltin, really explore a variety of topics and bring forth the themes of homelessness, dating, relationships and love. At worst this movie is compelling and interesting. The characters are relatable, no matter what situation they are in. Sadly the film also features the final performance by E’dena Hines, who was murdered on the streets of NYC, shortly after the film wrapped. Hines delivers a honest and authentic performance.

Landing Up is a quality independent film, with good performances and engaging plot that not only will give you a new perspective on homeless people, but also on meeting people you date and interact with in your everyday life. There is a lot more than meets the surface, that’s the message the film sends evidently.

LANDING UP is out now on DVD, Digital and VOD 

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