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I didn’t know anything (no pun intended) about this film prior to seeing it. It ended up leaving me with a positive impression. John Carroll Lynch plays a Southern widower named Early who moves to Los Angeles for a fresh start in life. Shortly after his move he befriends his transgender neighbor named Frida (Matt Bomer). The two form and develop a very unlikely relationship.

Carroll Lynch is one of the finest working actors we have today. Unfortunately he doesn’t get the recognition and notice he deserves for being so good and believable in every role he takes. Bomer to me is one of the fastest rising stars out there. He is so versatile in his roles. Bomer really takes it to another level and completely transforms himself playing Frida. It’s a brave performance and he takes risks and challenges that pay off in a big way.

A daring relationship comes off pretty normal all due to the performances from Bomer and Lynch, in addition to the skillful writing and directing from Timothy McNeil. This is a character driven film that showcases the intimacy and confinement of LA and the boisterous personas that accompany it. Anything has a lot of life in it, even though there are moments the characters face that possess anything but life and happiness. Ultimately, this is a film about self-discovery and finding the little things that make you happy. Not judging a book by its cover and trusting your feelings.

ANYTHING is out now in theaters in NYC and LA

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