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If the name Bethany Hamilton sounds familiar, it’s because you’re likely to have heard it on the news years ago. Bethany Hamilton was the young girl who lost her arm to a shark while pursuing a surfing career. Bethany is all grown up and wife and mother these days, but she still surfs among the best of them.

Unstoppable is a documentary that takes a look at Bethany’s current life with a look back at the events after her shark accident. One major takeaway from this inspiring story is her desire and will to keep pushing herself to new limits. Her disability has not stopped her from becoming an elite surfer. She’s a mom, wife and still a surfer.

What’s encouraging about her story and admirable is that she does it all with a smile on her face. Her life journey is incredible and it’s presented in a positive spirit along with some breathtaking visuals of her surfing. This is a documentary that will give you a real perspective on life.

BETHANY HAMILTON: UNSTOPPABLE’ is out now with Theaters

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