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You hear the phrase dark comedy, which usually consist of some outlandish characters and violence integrated to the comedy. This movie, is much closer to the meaning and essence of what a dark comedy is. Phil tells a story of a depressed dentist, Phil, who decides to immerse himself into the life of a recently deceased patient of his.

Sounds dark and wacky enough? It should, because the movie follows that theme. Greg Kinnear directs and stars as Phil. For a directorial debut, Kinnear manages to hold his own behind the camera as much as he does in front of it.

The movie is entertaining, but what it manages to accomplish is to incorporate themes that touch on culture, family, loneliness, depression, self-discovery and identity. Phil tries hard to embody a somewhat stereotypical Greek persona, but thankfully it doesn’t do it in an offensive way.

Kinnear assembles a terrific cast to surround himself with which includes Luke Wilson, Emily Mortimer, Taylor Schilling and Jay Duplass among others. We have seen movies with similar styles and themes as this, but there are enough layered elements in it to make it stand on its own.

PHIL’ is out now in Theaters, On Demand and Digital

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