One of the smartest and unique movies on the exorcism horror genre. French director Xavier Gens brings to life this real-life tale of exorcism. This movie has a strong religious tone to it, it may detract some, but it will be relatable to others. What I enjoyed about The Crucifixion is that it’s far less horror and more a suspenseful drama. It feels as if you’re following Sophie Cookson’s character as she’s on this journalistic journey to uncover the mysteries that surround the apparent demonic influence over the priest. The Crucifixion is unlike any other exorcism themed movie out there. It avoids borrowing the cliches and instead explores the thematic elements and seeks for answers to the phenomenon. The film incorporates just enough scares to match the mystery aspect of it.

The Crucifixion is out now in select theaters and On Demand


Written by Jim Alexander

Once upon a time I watched Monday Night Raw on Monday nights. By coincidence I ended up hooked on The Bachelor/Bachelorette. That lead to a Blog at Chicago Now called Bachelor Universe and a podcast of the same name. Now, I've decided to spread my wings and create this site that can be your Bachelor/Bachelorette destination. Aside from The Bachelor, in my personal life I'm a bachelor myself. Looking for the love of my life (not handing out many roses). I'm an avid animal lover. Have a rabbit and two turtles. I'm a film critic and co-founder of the Chicago Independent Film Critics Circle (CIFCC). Lover of sports. Currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago (my hometown).

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