Must See Blu-ray Releases Of The Week (March 27)


At times it makes you wonder why certain films are promoted a certain way. Acts of Violence is listed as an action adventure. It certainly is an action thriller, but adventure usually means more lighthearted and science fiction. This movie is not that. It’s a hell of a gritty thriller about a group of guys who must take down a human trafficking circle and save one of the guys fiancees. This group of ex-military brothers is played by Cole Hauser, Shawn Ashmore and Ashton Holmes. Add Bruce Willis to the mix as the detective and you have yourself a squad that will fight any corrupt dangerous organization.

The title of the film doesn’t lie, it’s pretty violent. There are some intriguing turns that occur that will keep you on your toes, if the frequent gunshots don’t do the job. The interesting group of actors combined with a well executed plot makes Acts of Violence a definite under-the-radar can’t miss.

ACTS OF VIOLENCE is out now on DVD, Digital and On Demand

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