Must See Blu-ray Releases Of The Week (March 27)


The Tapac Shakur murder mystery is getting a lot of coverage recently and we may be closer to the truth. First it was the feature film All Eyez On Me and now it’s the USA series Unsolved, but the most significant Tupac story might be told in the Who Killed Tupac documentary. In this A&E documentary civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump sets out o uncover the truth and explore the theories of Tupac’s murder. This film is as in-depth of a look into this case as any film or doc before it. It’s around six hours in length with a ton of footage and video.

There are some really fascinating events described and witnesses providing insightful info. Tupac and Biggie’s death has been one of the most talked about murder cases in history. There has never been any definitive verdict on what happened, but Who Killed Tupac is as close to providing the truth as you’ll hear anywhere. Fans of Tupac, this is a must see for you, but anyone who is fascinated by crime series will find this documentary very intriguing.

WHO KILLED TUPAC is out now on DVD from Lionsgate

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