Must See Releases Of The Week (Oct. 17)


They don’t make horror movies like this, unfortunately. Leatherface is as much of a drama depicting the scary maturation of one of the world’s most famous horror movie villains. Leatherface tells the story of a young man who is escapes a mental prison with a few companions and kidnap a nurse as they set out on a deadly road trip. Don’t worry, Stephen Dorff plays a sheriff on their trail, who might have more screws loose than the accomplices. Had the title of the film been anything other than Leatherface, you’d probably think this was a different movie about a different character. That’s credit to the filmmaking team of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury who make this much more of a stand alone movie while managing to avoid any of the the predictable slasher movie cliches.

I found myself immersed in the road trip journey of these characters were partaking in. The reveal of Leatherface isn’t rushed and doesn’t even go all the way, meaning that the creep with the chainsaw is years away from turning into his menacing self. Instead the film focuses on the intricacies and the backstory that leads to the eventual familiarity of this character. The most chilling thing is how subtle the story is, therefore making it that much more believable. This is one of the most complete and refreshing horror movies of the year. Leatherface chooses to take a unfamiliar route in this usually stale and predictable genre. There have been seven Leatherface themed movies to date, this one is undoubtedly the best one of them all.

Leatherface is out now in select theaters, On Demand and DIRECTV

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