Must See New October Blu-ray and Digital Releases


If you’re a 70’s, 80’s or even 90’s kid like me, then you know toys were the rage back then. Some of the all-time classic toy lines include, He-Man, G.I. Joe, LEGO, Barbie, Star Wars, Transformers and Hello Kitty. Those were the “it” toy lines to have and collect. Personally, I was big into Transformers and LEGO.

This fantastic series takes you back to the nostalgia of being a kid and being shaped by these shows and toys that preceded them. The show gives a fantastic background from the people in the know about these toy lines and the fascinating stories behind them. From near failures to massive success. It’s a fascinating watch and experience that is suited for everyone, even those that didn’t grow up collecting these toys.

P.S. The story of LEGO is one of the most compelling ones you’ll hear.

The Episodes:
Episode 1:  Star Wars
 Episode 2:  Barbie
Episode 3:  He-Man
Episode 4:  G.I. Joe
Episode 5:  Star Trek
Episode 6:  Transformers
Episode 7:  LEGO
Episode 8:  Hello Kitty 

The Extras:
Featurette with Show Creator Brian Volk-Weiss
Barbie 80’s Marketing
More Stores That Made Us:  GI Joe the Story of COBRA
More Stores That Made Us:  Us Selling the Show
Jim Swearingen Extended Interview
Peter Cullen Extended Interview
Todd McFarlane on LEGO
Todd McFarlane on Star Trek
Hideki Yoke/Takara Tour
+9 Deleted Scenes 

Available on Blu-ray Today! Also streaming on NETFLIX

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