Must See Movie Releases of the Week (March 13)


Holly crap! THIS MOVIE IS FREAKY! I’m not one to be freaked out by any horror movie, but this documentary is truly chilling and scary. It’s the kind of film you’ll have a hard time getting out of your head. Be warned before you see it. The Zak Bagans documentary centers on him buying the alleged possessed home in Gary, Indiana and chronicling what happens when he and his crew explore it.

It looks as real as anything I’ve seen of movies or docs about demonic possession. It’s this uncomfortable feeling of terror that you feel for Zak and his crew as they explore the depths of this house of horror. You will have to see it to believe it all, it’s that shocking.

Being in Chicago, this house is not too far away from me. I’ll be sure I’ll never pass through Gary and the house they call the “Portal to Hell”. It’s really fascinating filmmaking by the bravely insane daredevil (no pun intended) Bagans. For anyone that enjoys getting freaked out, see it at your own risk.

DEMON HOUSE is out now in select theaters, VOD and Digital HD

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