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One of the more raw war movies you’ll see. It certainly had a unique behind-the-scenes look of what happens on the battlefields as the clock ticks down to the battle. Fantastic performances from Paul Bettany and Sam Claflin stand out, but it’s the setting that makes you feel the intensity and reality that the actors project. The gloomy bunkers, the mud, darkness, bleakness. It looks, feels and smells like the hardship of war. That’s the sort of authenticity this film delivers that you don’t see in very many war movies. Director Saul Dibb keeps things real and it shows.

You need to be patient watching Journey’s End. It’s not the most exciting and fast paced movie that the genre tends to offer. It’s fitting the way it is and wouldn’t work if the pacing was different. Journey’s End is a as much of a character story about a bond between men, then it is war. I appreciated the honesty the story was told in. These guys as brave as they were, they displayed fear in the unknown, and that’s true bravery.

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JOURNEY’S END is out now on in select theaters in NY and LA

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