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Eric Bana and Forest Whitaker put on a dazzling display of intense acting in this adaptation of the stage play “The Archbishop and The Antichrist” from Michael Ashton (screenwriter for the film). Whitaker plays Archbishop Desmond Tatu, who taken up on a nationwide investigation and is called upon to meet with a notorious brutal prisoner (Bana) seeking redemption. Their face-to-face encounters are chilling and tension packed.

This is a bit of a slower moving thriller, but with big tense moments. The acting is very good. Bana is chillingly intimidating, one of his best performances in years. The prison scenes are depicted with a raw authenticity. Whitaker is virtually unrecognizable playing Tatu, he completely immerses himself into the character physically and emotionally. Check this film out, the performances and story itself are more than worth it.

THE FORGIVEN is out now in select theaters, VOD and Digital HD

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