Must See Movies This Week


During the holiday’s I will try to find at least one weekly family/holiday film for you to check out. Kepler’s Dream deserves a mention and watch. It’s a bonding family film that will make you feel some emotions and uplift you. There is this fantasy storybook element that adds to the spirit of the characters and story. The movie plot revolves around an 11-year-old girl Ella that’s on the search to find a special book from her grandmothers library. Ella comes from divided household and she’s looking to discover a way to reconnect with her estranged father and mother searching for a cancer treatment.

There are some heavy underlying themes in the movie that are handled in a nurturing way relatable for the families and children watching. With fine performances from the cast, a visually colorful and rich setting and a heartwarming story, this is the kind of film that can bring families together to have meaningful discussions.

Kepler’s Dream is out now in select theaters and VOD

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