Must See Movies This Week


Melancholia meets Requiem for a Dream with a heavy dose of anything Terrence Malick. The end product of that combination is something Woodshock could attest to. Kirsten Dunst stars in this trippy thriller about a woman on stuck in an altered state of emotional struggle and potent drug effect. The female director duo of Kate and Laura Mulleavy surely must have idolized Malick’s style and for unique visual flare and jagged storytelling. This is a fairly confusing movie that’s hard to make logic of, but that’s part of the allure and premise of it. You’re not supposed to have it figured out. The story is linked heavily into the characters state of mind. It’s an interesting take. Woodshock is a very stylistic artsy movie that sway you with the visuals more than the story. It’s a different kind of movie that’s worth checking.

Woodshock is out now on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On Demand

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