Must See Movies This Week


A refreshing slick old-school gangster flick is what director Timothy Woodward Jr. delivers. The movie is based on the true story and beginnings and rise of Al Capone and some of his closest allies and enemies. It’s the Italians versus the Irish mobsters in a battle that culminates with the famed St. Valentines Day Massacre. I appreciated the backstory and build that this movie depicts. It looks authentic to the time period and feels authentic.

The cast has some intriguing actors in it and some of my personal favorites. Sean Faris plays an amateur boxer turned mobster named “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn. It’s a bit of a throwback role with similarities to the one he had in Never Back Down. Peter Facinelli plays the Irish mobster George “Bugs” Moran, another personal favorite of mine who I always wondered why he never became a mainstream name in Hollywood. Gangster Land is delivers on a real mobster movie tone and captivating story. We don’t get these prohibition era mobster flick all too often (last one was Ben Affleck’s Live By Night), so indulge in Gangster Land and you won’t be disappointed.

Gangster Land is out now in select theaters and On Demand

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