Must See Movie Releases Of The Week (November 14)


A coming-of-age movie that actually relates. Almost Friends tells a familiar story we all might have experienced at some point in our lives, self-doubt and fear of the future. I know I’ve dealt with it. Heck I still currently am. The main character Charlie (Freddie Highmore) has lost focus, direction and hope in his future. He’s working at a local movie theater, living at home with his mom and stepdad, lacks any ambition, even though he’s a capable chef. Freddie falls for a local barista (don’t we all), but she’s already taken (sigh). They form a friendship that has them reconsidering their futures.

So maybe you’re reading this and aren’t in your early to mid 20’s and finally have figured it all out. Even in that scenario the concept and story is so relatable on some level. The fear of the unknown and the pursuit of something greater. Writer-director Jake Goldberger keeps it simple. Focusing on the characters and story, both being an easy sell. Almost Friends shows you that it’s never too late to find inspiration change your life, no matter how deep in the gutter you are.

Almost Friends comes out in Theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on Friday, November 17

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