Must See Movie Releases Of The Week (November 14)


Based on a novel by Richard Laskowski, this ultra-low budget film portrays the lives of people from an area called “The Region”. There is nothing fancy about ”The Region”, in fact it’s a modern wasteland of an area. It’s dark, gloomy, polluted, it’s referred to as an “industrial orgy” in the film. In a way it has the look of a place where a film noir story would be fitting to take place at.

The lead actor Connor Williams plays Ray, a pothead, trying to just get by in life. Ray’s life is uplifted when he gets involved with the mysterious and seductive Erin (Natassia Halabi). Not a whole lot of “drama” happens in the movie, but it’s interesting enough to make you want to see where it all ends up and if someones life changes for the better. For the limited resources it appears to have had, the end product is worthy enough of giving it a look. Stay tuned for the pending release date of Regionrat.

Regionrat has not yet been released (it’s slated release is yet TBD in 2018)

For more information check out Regionrat movie site

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