Must See Movie Releases Of The Week (November 14)


Pro wrestler John Hennigan stars as Rick Rainsford, a man trapped on a deadly island with no way out. I liked the concept of this film. An island that’s filled with traps and explosives manipulated by a psychotic Ex-KGB guy. Come on, that’s a pretty fun concept. Granted, this is a lower-budget indie, but it makes best use of it’s resources. I was surprised to see a lack of action in the first half of the movie, it’s a bit of a slow burn, which allowed the characters to be introduced and established.

Hennigan is following the likes of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Dave Bautista, Steve Austin and John Cena in a path of wrestlers turned movie actors, and he holds his own in the lead role. Hennigan has a cool casual appeal to him on-screen. He comes away as a kind of guy you’d want to grab a beer with and chat. In other words, he allows his personality to come through in his character.

Wrestling fans who have followed Hennigan should enjoy his performance and ultimately see him pack some good punches in the film. There is no reason why he can’t rival the likes of Austin, Bautista and Cena in terms of successful pro wrestlers turned successful movie actors.

Never Leave Alive is out now on VOD from Wild Eye Releasing

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