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Who doesn’t like or appreciate a feel-good story? The Grinch maybe? Well even the Grinch’s heart would melt for thee story of Bob. Based on a best selling novel, it’s a story of a struggling musician who gets his most unexpected Christmas gift. Bob is a street cat that accompanies James (Luke Treadaway) while he performs on the streets, until Animal Welfare officers threaten to take away Bob and separate him from James.

This is a feel-good story with a lot of Christmas spirit. First of all Bob is adorable. It’s such a sweet story, one of the connection between man and animal. It’s so easy to root for James and Bob. I really enjoyed this film. It’s totally a Christmas movie. Great for the family, especially during this holiday season. We all could use a Bob in our lives.

A GIFT FROM BOB is out now on DVD, Digital and On Demand

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