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There will only be one original “Queen of Soul” and her name is Aretha Franklin. In Respect, Franklin’s journey is depicted in Jennifer Hudson’s portrayal of the icon. The film follows the rise of her remarkable true story, from her childhood to superstardom.

Hudson knocks it out of the park. She embodies her spirit and becomes Aretha Franklin on-screen. Fantastic performance. The film is a little lengthy at nearly two and a half hours long, but in order to tell the story as completely as they could, it rather seems necessary.

The musical performances are memorable and stand out in their own right, that’s where Hudson really shines brightest. Several of Franklin’s classics are featured in the film, that will be a delight to watch and hear for many.

“Respect” was the name of one of Franklin’s most popular hits, but it has a certain special meaning for this film. After watching it, you can’t help but come away with complete respect for this musical genius.


· The Making of Respect Explore the unique telling of this Aretha Franklin story, what the project meant to all involved and how music played a pivotal role in crafting this film.

· Becoming ArethaTake a behind the scenes look at Jennifer Hudson’s incredible transformation into the Queen of Soul including her commitment to the character, her connection with the late singer, and why inhabiting the legendary artist felt more like destiny than anything else.

· Capturing a LegacyA celebration of director Liesl Tommy’s artistry and professionalism as the cast and crew express their appreciation and admiration for her and her process.

· From Muscle ShoalsSit-down with the cast, crew and some of the original musicians that recorded with Aretha at Muscle Shoals to learn about this crucial time period in Aretha’s life and how it helped propel her evolution.

· Exploring the Design of RespectProduction designer Ina Mayhew and costume designer Clint Ramos discuss the research they conducted in order to create the beautiful sets in the film as well as the various custom-made wardrobes that span three decades of style.

RESPECT is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

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