James Bond Villain Robert Davi on What the Franchise Creatives Told Him About Casting a Bond

It’s James Bond day! Well, not technically, but the latest Bond film No Time to Die releases today after a year plus delay. The film marks the final appearance for Daniel Craig playing Bond. Who better to get some in-depth Bond insight than one of the iconic Bond villains, Robert Davi. Davi played the famed Franz Sanchez in License to Kill.

I recently had a chance to speak with Davi about his Bond experience. Working alongside Timothy Dalton. He also shared the story of auditioning for the role of James Bond without even knowing it. Additionally, he spoke about his latest film I Love Us and working alongside actor/filmmaker Danny A. Abeckaser.


Robert was a delight to talk to. I found him to be a no-nonsense kinda guy, direct and transparent. I appreciated that, even when he gave me a little schooling and pep talk. It was actually really good advice from a vet in the industry. Robert is a really accomplished actor that’s been a part of several huge franchises/movies and playing some memorable characters.

We will get into the Bond talk momentarily, but his recent film is I Love Us. A film written and directed by a friend of Reel Talker, Danny A. Abeckaser. Robert had a ton of praise for Danny and deservingly so.

A lot of the conversation focused on James Bond. Robert famously played Franz Sanchez, the villain in License to Kill. He spoke about the egoless Timothy Dalton. I appreciated him sharing the casting story where he revealed that he was being screen tested for Bond. How cool is that?!

The ongoing conversation in the public has always been, what does it take to be cast as Bond? Fans always have a favorite actor they are pitching. Well, Robert discussed what he was told by the producer and director of multiple Bond movies, about what they look for in a Bond. I appreciated the stories and discussion. That was cool.

Robert Davi is a multi-talented performer, I’d urge you to YouTube his music. He sings some good Sinatra!

I LOVE US is out now on VOD as of September 17, 2021 in the U.S. and Canada. A limited theatrical release across the US also released on September 17th



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