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Everyone wants Valentina. This slapstick romantic comedy revolves around a woman who has it all and the two men who will duke it out for the right to be with her. Ryan Carnes who plays her NYC boyfriend and the man she thinks she’s meant to be with. On the other end there is the ex in Mexico who Valentina’s family is pushing her to get back with. So it’s the ex flame that the family wants her to be with (for politically motivated reasons) and the ideal guy she’s been with in NYC.

I enjoyed the back-and-forth craziness and physical comedy of this film. It’s always moving, literally and figuratively. It fits the mold of films of this dual cultural Mexican-American genre. The actors really bring a lot of energy. Marimar Vega who plays Valentina delivers some spice and the right kind of attitude and humor. Give this wacky fun comedy a look.

VALENTINA’S WEDDING is out now on DVD, Digital and On Demand

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