Trailer Wars: Venom vs Solo

Welcome to the first edition of Trailer Wars. I will pit two recently released trailers and see which one impressed more. Simple as that. This week it’s Venom versus Solo. Two highly anticipated films. Lets get to it:



So Tom Hardy is a strong sell here. A terrific no-nonsense actor who ran-off the sinking Suicide Squad ship, before it sunk. Hardy doesn’t take shit roles and he certainly has great sensibilities on what projects will work. I trust his judgement.

Venom looks like a combination of a Spider-Man movie (Andrew Garfield version) and Wolverine (the first James Mangold one). It reminds me of both due to the humor and apparent darkness of the story and character.¬† Hardy seems to make light of his super powers, but is still menacing and doesn’t appear to be cartoony in any way.

Michelle Williams is another very credible actor that’s part of this film. I just liked how the trailer focuses on Hardy’s character Eddie Brock discovering and trying to come to terms with his new powers. The reveal of Venom at the end is as good and high quality as you can imagine.


LOOK: 9.5/10

QUALITY: 8.5/10



Well, well, well we have ourselves a legitimate Han Solo. Alden Ehrenreich (try saying that name five times) is the young Han Solo (Harrison Ford could legitimately play his grandpa) that looks and sounds the part, or at least reminiscent of what a young Harrison Ford would be like. Daenerys Targaryen, Vision and Childish Gambino in a Star Wars movie? Sign me me up for this.

Lots of action and seems like one of the more faster paced Star Wars films. I like it. From the looks of the trailer, Chewbacca plays a prominent role in the film. It’s going to be fun to see Solo and Chewy connecting and getting to know each other.

I’m sure we can expect lots of witty one-liners, if this trailer is any indication. It’s basically the Star Wars version of Blade Runner. Less serious, and hopefully lot less shorter.


LOOK 8.5/10




We don’t have to wait much longer to see Solo (May 25), while Venom comes out later in the Fall (October 5). Granted we’ve never seen a Han Solo origins story, but we’ve never seen a Venom movie. The hype and anticipation for Venom exceeds anything Solo can bring to the table.

Solo follows the mold of the previous Star Wars Disney films with the look and tone, while we don’t quite know what Venom will offer. It looks a little dark and that mysterious factor will ultimately give the movie an edge.

The quality of both trailers were good. Venom offers a glimpse into the plot without revealing much. Solo just kinda bounces around and doesn’t offer much story.

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