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I grew up on dance music from the 90’s that my sister listened to as a teen. How many of you in your early 30’s or older don’t remember hearing Haddaway’s ‘What is Love’? Come on, it was a staple of dance music. Over the years it seems like dance music has fallen off the pop culture fandom, but reality is that electronic dance music is still alive. It’s growing and changing unlike any other music genre. What We Started is a fascinating documentary examining the state of electronic music and some of the innovators that changed up the genre. Two names that stand out on the forefront are Carl Cox and Martin Garrix

This documentary takes an inside look and takes you behind-the-curtains of the electric dance music world. It’s really informative and supports a stellar cast of top-level performers offering their input and testimonials. Electronic dance music has gotten an unfair stigma, but this movie does a great job of making you understand what it’s about and the people behind it. It’s adds life to a popular genre of music that seemed to have been shamed publicly. Appearing in the movie are Usher, David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold and Afrojack among other big names. Personally, I felt I learned a lot more about this ever changing world of dance music. Check out this informative and appealing documentary.

WHAT WE STARTED is out now in select theaters

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