Must See Under-The-Radar Movie Releases (March 23)

This new version of must see movies now will include a Friday that focuses on limited theatrical and VOD releases. Here are the picks for the week of March 23:


This is not a movie that will appeal to everyone. It’s a bizarre sexually charged movie that’s methodically paced. There is a strong incest driven theme that tends to be uncomfortable to watch. It’s a slow paced, confusing film with a brother and sister with a ton of sexual tension between them, so why would this be a recommendation? All these oddities make it actually a compelling movie. I constantly wondered where it’s headed next. What’s the turning point? What will be the payoff? Half the time I was unsure what was going on, but there I was watching it and trying to figure it all out.

Welcome The Stranger has a mix of elements that ultimately make it a compelling watch. It’s very mysterious, disturbing, fantastical and unbalanced to the point that it’s thrilling. Abbey Lee and Caleb Landry Jones have subtly deliver fantastic performances. As I said at the start, this is not a movie that will appeal to everyone. If you can handle the wild mixture of elements and lots of tomato cutting (you’ll see what I mean), you should give this film a look.

WELCOME THE STRANGER is out now on Digital

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