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It’s Wes Anderson people, you know what you can expect. Accentric, humor filled, colorful, unique and loaded with star talent. That’s a Wes Anderson movie for you, love them or hate then, it’s a proven winning formula. The French Dispatch is all that and more.

This film is filled with oddball characters that each find a way to catch your interest. Many familiar faces from Anderson’s previous films appear, including Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton. I could list a paragraph with the high profile names that appear in this film.

Per usual, I found this to be yet another fun, entertaining and bizarre Anderson film. It’s certainly a must-see for fans of his, but also enjoyable for a newbie, as long as you come with an open mind. Once again, Anderson does what he does best, create.

THE FRENCH DISPATCH releases on Digital on December 14, oon Blu-ray and DVD on December 28

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