Hannah Marks Talks Temporary Love & the Ending of Her Film ‘Mark, Mary +Some Other People’

Many will recognize Hannah Marks for her various acting roles. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear her name. Now you can add writer and director to that. Hannah latest film Mark, Mary and Some Other People depicts modern dating and relationships.

I spoke to Hannah about the film. What her inspiration for it was. We talked about modern relationships and how the characters embody today’s dating. We discussed the concept of temporary love and the ending of the movie. Watch out for spoilers!


Hannah was really cool. I found her to be engaging and easy to talk to. She gave some great answers to my questions and was transparent about her thought process in regards to the film and characters.

I was really intrigued by the ending of the movie. It was interesting to hear her reasoning for how the film ended and the future of Mark and Mary (the main characters). Without giving away much, there is a baby that’s central to the plot. Hannah spoke to that aspect of the film also.

Hannah spoke about how the movie handles and depicts non-monogamy. I felt she gave some interesting thoughts on it and the film does a good job incorporating that aspect into the story and characters. Mark, Mary and Some Other People is a fun watch.

MARK, MARY AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE releases in Theaters and On Demand on November 5

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