Eden Brolin on the Similarities and Differences with Her Famous Dad Josh Brolin

Those of you who follow Reel Talker (you should) and watch my interviews know that Eden Brolin is one of my favorites to talk to. She has a booming career and comes from a famous family, not to mention she’s part of one of the hottest shows on TV in Yellowstone. Needless to say, Eden Brolin is a star in the making.

Her recent film The Cleaner is another example of her acting versatility. I had a chance to speak to catch up with Eden and check in on what’s going on in her life and talk about her projects. Check out what she had to say.


Love Eden. She’s super humble, great and easy to talk with. Always gracious with her time. Always transparent. Happy to hear she’s doing well in her personal life and professional. Plus, she moved into a new place!

Her role in The Cleaner is yet another bold character choice for her. Love how she plays against type and challenges herself with every role. Yellowstone is entering season four and Eden is certainly a significant part of the show and its success.

I mentioned to Eden that I just saw her dad on the cover of a magazine and read the article about how he spoke about being bold and having a go-for-it mentality. So, I asked Eden how similar she is to her dad and Eden provided a good thoughtful answer to it. I see the similarities and differences between them, just as a fan of both of their work.

As always, it’s a genuine pleasure to get to talk to her and it’s one of the cool perks of what I do to make connections with people you appreciate. Can’t wait to see what’s next for her and getting to chat to her about it.

THE CLEANER is out now on Digital and On Demand and Yellowstone (S:4) is out now on the Paramount Network

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