Must-See May Home Entertainment Releases


Nothing warms my heart like a good romantic drama. If you’re a believer things happen for a reason, then Long Weekend may validate those thoughts. Finn Wittrock plays a down-on-his luck guy who comes across mysterious woman who changes the course of both of their lives. A whirlwind romance leads to revelations that could doom or bring them together. That’s what the plot revolves around.

I enjoyed watching the actors portray young complex love. Wittrock is an actor that’s certainly filled with star potential, yet Zoe Chao is such an interesting actress that she’s a scene-stealer. The story is about chance encounters and I enjoyed that aspect of this love story. It was fun watching these characters and that’s an ultimate compliment to the performances and the film. This is another lesser talked about film that deserves eyes on it.

LONG WEEKEND available now on Digital and DVD

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