Actress Hadar Cats Discusses Her Latest Film ‘My Dad’s Christmas Date’ and Her Passion for Animals

Hadar Cats is a teenager with a ton of life experience and accomplishments. The Israeli-born actress has traveled the world, lived on multiple continents. She is also a passionate animal advocate and rides horses competitively. Cats can be seen in the charming romantic comedy My Dad’s Christmas Date.

I spoke to Hadar about her role in My Dad’s Christmas Date, her love for animals and her life story.


Hadar was awesome. Found her to be cool and humble. Definitely passionate about animals. I was impressed with her story and life experiences. She seems very well-rounded. I enjoyed her performance as Emma in the film. Her character was very upbeat and energetic. Hadar did a great job.

I enjoyed talking about animals with her. It’s clear she’s passionate about them. I also learned she rides horses competitively, which is pretty impressive. You could hear her dog barking in the background, which I found pretty fitting and funny.

Hadar’s chemistry with co-star Olivia Mai-Barrett was fantastic. It wasn’t surprising to hear Hadar speak about them getting along and hanging out off-set. Olivia looks to be a star. Jeremy Piven agrees. The girls play friends and schoolmates in the film, but in reality, Olivia is in her mid-20’s. She clearly doesn’t look her age and can play younger.

I really thought her last name “Cats” might have been a stage name. I was wrong. That might be one of the coolest last names, and certainly fitting one for her. I’m curious to see where her career takes her. She’s a very accomplished young woman and she’s just getting started in her career.

MY DAD’S CHRISTMAS DATE’ is out now in select Theaters and On Demand

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