Jeremy Piven Talks: Chicago Bears, ‘Entourage’ Reunion, Chicago Roots and Romantic Comedies

One of Hollywood’s biggest names and the pride of Chicago opens up about his career and Chicago upbringing. Jeremy Piven has entertained masses over the years, most notably as Ari Gold in Entourage. Piven has had an illustrious career and he continues to expand on it. His latest film is the family holiday comedy, My Dad’s Christmas Date.

I had a chance to speak to Jeremy. We spoke about coming from Chicago. His love for Chicago sports and discussed the woeful Chicago Bears. He speaks on his transition to doing different genres and characters. What appealed to him about My Dad’s Christmas Date and of course the big question, would he return for an Entourage sequel or reboot? Find out in the interview below.


It was a personal highlight to talk to Jeremy Piven. Been a longtime fan of his. My sister is a HUGE fan of his also, we used to watch Entourage together every Sunday night. So this was cool for me in many ways.

Jeremy is a noted Chicago sports fan, especially when it comes to the Bears. Unfortunately being a Bears fan comes with a lot of pain, frustration and grief. He relates to it, as all us Bears fans do. Yet, it was cool to talk to him about the Bears and Chicago sports in general, he’s a real legitimate fan.

He seemed very proud of working on My Dad’s Christmas Date. I actually really enjoyed the film and his performance. It’s a lighthearted family holiday movie, perfect for this time of year.

I had to find out and ask him about Entourage. Would he do a sequel? Does he still talk to the cast? The answers he gave seemed real receptive to it and positive. That’s great news. He definitely carries his work and experience on the show with pride, which is great. There are so many fans such as myself who would love to see a sequel to the film, or better yet, another season. Let’s make this happen Doug Ellin!

Jeremy will be launching a podcast also. I’m looking forward to that. Should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see what guests he has lined up and the topics he will delve into.

I really enjoyed speaking to Jeremy. He was super cool and down-to-earth. He was gracious with his time. Always appreciate that. The best part of it all was him giving a shoutout to my sister. As I mentioned she’s a huge fan, but also a nurse. I really appreciated him giving a shout out to her and complimenting her work as a nurse on the frontlines. Very nice gesture and she really appreciated it.

I’d definitely recommend My Dad’s Christmas Date. Fun movie. Engaging storyline. Fitting for the time of year. If you’re looking for a Christmas movie, look no further.

‘MY DAD’S CHRISTMAS DATE’ is out now in select Theaters and On Demand

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