Lindsey Morgan Discusses Her Time on “The 100”, Filming “Walker” and Her Love for James Bond

Lindsey Morgan is one cool chick. The star of the CW series The 100 is back at it kicking ass in the newest movie of the Skyline franchise, Skylines and on the upcoming CW series, Walker. Lindsey is keeping busy, but she took some time out of her day to talk to me about Skylines, filming Walker, her love for James Bond and her time on The 100.


Lindsey was awesome! So vibrant and engaging. She had great energy and was very sweet. Lindsey was on location in Austin, Texas filming Walker, which is right where she’s from. It must be pretty cool to film in your hometown area.

So the first thing I noticed was the James Bond picture of Sean Connery in the background. That naturally sparked a conversation about Bond and I quickly learned that Lindsey is a big fan of Bond and Connery. Pretty cool. I can certainly relate.

Lindsey was a big part of The 100, which ended its run recently ended it’s six year run on the CW. She had glowing things to say about her experience on the show. It was nice to hear her maintain her friendships with her castmates. The show wrapped just at the pandemic started, so she talked about how abrupt it all was and basically separated from the cast and crew with no proper goodbye. That must have been hard, I’d imagine, being part of a show that long, the cast and crew become like family.

I’m looking forward to Lindsey on Walker. Staying home at the CW. If you haven’t seen The 100, it’s a really good show, I’d recommend it. She does a kick-ass job in Skylines also.

SKYLINES’ is out now in select Theaters, Drive-ins, On Demand and Digital

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