How to Become a Social Media Star & What Does an Agent Look For in Talent? Agent Reveals the Secrets!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a social media star and be flooded with products to endorse, make great money and have that be your livelihood? One can dream, right? Not necessarily, just like anything in life, there is a way and approach.

I had a chance to speak to Kyle Hjelmeseth, the Founder and CEO of talent management agency G&B. Kyle has been ahead of the the game when I comes to the digital space. He spoke about how he became a agent/manager and what lead him to creating his talent agency. Kyle shares valuable advice for those looking to expand their brand and those breaking into the industry. Kyle provides his outlook on what he looks for in talent and how to become a successful influencer, plus much more! Check out the interview and gain some valuable knowledge from one of the best in the business.


Kyle was a blast. Humble and accomplished guy. I was thankful that he was gracious with his time and sharing his knowledge and some invaluable tips and advice. I loved the his backstory on how he got started in this industry and how he created his agency. Seemed like it was very unexpected and he didn’t initially see himself doing this professionally. I feel that’s sometimes the best way in going about creating something.

The actor in me always wants to know what talent agents and managers think of me and my work? How to grab their attention and impress them? What are they looking for in talent to represent? Kyle provided many of those answers. Granted, his approach and mindset may be different than other managers and agents, but there is tremendous value of knowing what someone in that position is thinking in regards to the talent.

Kyle has a great grasp on the digital marketplace. What brands and companies are looking for and what talent can offer. It’s a part of the entertainment industry that’s continuously expanding and getting bigger. Some people make a career out of being an influencer. Imagine that, say, 15 years ago. Kyle is doing some big things, so check out his work and how to follow him and his company in the links below.

G&B Talent Management

G&B Sports and Entertainment

Instagram: @gnbinfluence & @KyleHjelmeseth

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