Hayley Law: On Return to ‘Riverdale’ and Reveals Her Unique Hobby & Talent

If you’re searching for an actor who is about to be a big name, look no further than Hayley Law. The talented Canadian actress has already starred in notable films and shows, appearing in Riverdale, Netflix series Altered Carbon, film’s such as The New Romantic and Spontaneous. Her latest film is the crime thriller Echo Boomers, where she stars alongside Patrick Schwarzenegger and Michael Shannon.

I spoke to Hayley about her role in Echo Boomers, her experience working on Spontaneous and her run Riverdale. She also discussed her favorite movie and show, plus her current unique hobby and special talent.


Hayley was really cool. First of all, how awesome is her full name? Hayley Law. Sounds chill, right? She has this cool vibe to her, relaxed and confident. Engaging. She seemed grounded also. I enjoyed talking to her. It seems like I’ve been seeing her in every film lately. The recently released Spontaneous, where she stars alongside Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer. Now, it’s Echo Boomers, where she plays a badass chick amongst all these troubled dudes. Two different films, but both good performances from her.

I obviously had to ask her about her time on Riverdale. It was one of her first breakthrough roles playing Valerie Brown. She seemed to really have enjoyed her experience on the show and making friends with the cast. She also stated that she would love to go back on it again. Fingers crossed.

She also had a lot of nice things to say about working on Spontaneous. Clearly she’s a big fan of director Brian Duffield. That movie was fun.

The fun part was hearing her talk about her favorite movie and shows. She said that her favorite film was Superbad. How can you disagree with that. Great choice. It’s a classic. The surprising thing to me was hearing how she is into crocheting. I always find it fascinating to find out what are some hobbies people have, especially creatives. Crochet is becoming a popular thing among young Hollywood, based on my recent interviews where actors mentioned the same thing.

Echo Boomers was my kinda movie. Suspenseful and exciting. Very good cast. Most importantly, having a Chicago theme! Hayley does good work in the movie, so does Patrick Schwarzenegger. Check it out. I recommend it.

ECHO BOOMERS’ in Theaters,On Demand and Digital on November 13, 2020

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