Radha Mitchell on How the Pandemic Could Change the Entertainment Industry and Movies

Radha Mitchell is a spectacular actress. Chances are high that even if for some reason you don’t recognize her name, you probably would immediately recognize her if you see her. She’s been in a ton of movies over the years. Some of my personal favorites actually, Phone Booth and Feast of Love. Not to mention fan favorites such as Silent Hill.

I had a pleasure to speak to Radha about her latest film, Dreamkatcher. She also spoke to me about the impact the pandemic could have on future movie making and the how we will be viewing these movies. Plus, her favorite hobbies. Find out all that and more, below.


Been a big fan of Radha for a long time. She’s had a stellar career to date. I always found her to be a very underrated actor, even though she starred in some major films and had some memorable performances.

I wanted to hear her take on the current pandemic and I felt she offered some great points. Including how she expects the industry to change and maybe even what kind of movies are going to be made.

She really delved deep into her approach and role in Dreamkatcher. Make some thoughtful points. I found her to be a very bright, thought-provoking person that a straight shooter.

It was a lot of fun to get to talk to her. I certainly hope she will continue to deliver great performances once the pandemic ends and films resume.

DREAMKATCHER arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand April 28 from Lionsgate

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