Lin Shaye on What She Hopes People Learn from Coronavirus

Renowned actress and horror icon Lin Shaye opens up about how she got her start as an actor. That is most definitely something I wanted to hear about when I had yet another fantastic opportunity to speak to Lin. She spoke to me about how she’s handling the stay-at-home order and what she hopes people take away from the coronavirus pandemic. Plus she answers what horror movie franchises impacted her. Check out the full interview below:


I adore Lin Shaye. Been a longtime fan of her work, but after meeting her, I’m even the biggest fan. Trust me when I say this, she’s one of the sweetest and genuine people in Hollywood. Very humble, yet so accomplished. It’s truly a pleasure to get to talk to her every time that I do. This is my third interview with Lin. Here is my first interview with her from the La Llorona premiere and from The Outsider premiere.

Lin had so many interesting things to say and surprised she was able to share so much in 15 minutes. First of all, completely agree with her that we need to appreciate nature and clean air, the simple things we take for granted. If there is any sort of silver lining from this pandemic, it’s certainly that.

I wasn’t aware that Lin wasn’t much of a reader. That was surprising considering how many scripts you’d imagine she read over the years and how well she translates them into her acting.

I was a bit surprised also to hear that she wasn’t influenced over any horror franchises. Plus, how she considers Jamie Lee Curtis a queen of horror movies.

Fascinating story about how she got started and how her brother was a founder of New Line Cinema. Wow. Not to mention how he persuaded Wes Craven to give her a shot for a role in the first A Nightmare on Elm Street.

A ton of good stuff from Lin. Check her out in her newest film Dreamkatcher.

DREAMKATCHER arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand April 28 from Lionsgate

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