Sean Patrick Flanery & Lin Shaye Share Advice to Successful Acting Careers at ‘The Outsider’ Premiere

The life of an actor can be as grueling as luxurious. Those have done it can relate to the ups and downs. Success is hard to achieve, but there have been actors who have managed to carve out long and successful careers. Sean Patrick Flanery, Lin Shaye and Kaiwi Lyman come to mind as those recognizable actors that have also been huge parts of successful movie franchises.

Director Timothy Woodward Jr. has worked with these actors and they came out in support of his latest film, The Outsider. Flanery and Lyman are leads in the movie. Reel Talker spoke to them at the premiere and they shared what it’s like to work with Woodward Jr and shared some fine advice on how they were able to sustain their successful careers in the industry.


This was a smaller, but intimate red carpet, which is great. The event was held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. So this was my first time I got to meet and speak to Sean Patrick Flanery. My takeaway is that the guy is super cool. From the way he dresses to the way he talks and engages, he seems like a no bullshit kinda authentic individual. I’m a fan. I found him to be funny also.

I loved Sean’s advice on what’s worked for him in sustaining his career, work hard and don’t be an ass. Couldn’t have been more basic and impactful. Great stuff that’s true in all walks of life, not only entertainment and acting.

Lin Shaye is one of my favorites to talk to. I interviewed her at The Curse of La Llorona premiere, at the same location, not too long ago. She’s such a kind person and always shares some great insight while being transparent. To imagine she’s the modern day horror queen, yet in person she’s very sweet and thoughtful. I adore talking to her. She starred in Timothy’s last film, The Final Wish, I’d recommend you check it out, it’s good.

This was my first time meeting Kaiwi, he’s very personable. I found him to be humble and easy to talk to. I really have enjoyed his work over the years, especially in Den of Thieves. He’s worked with Tim on several projects, no wonder why Tim likes him so much, he’s someone you’d like to be around. He’s fantastic in this movie also.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get Tim on camera, as red carpets go sometimes, can’t get everyone. I spoke to him before and after the screening. He’s proud of the film and hopes people will check it out. I highly recommend this film also. It’s an entertaining and intense western. If you’ve seen any of Tim’s movies, it has that unique Woodward style and flavor. In- your-face action packed.

Opening Theatrically on June 14 in Top Markets Including Los Angeles and Dallas, Also Available On Demand & Digital

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