Actor Bobby Soto on Being a Latino Actor in the Entertainment Industry

Bobby Soto is just beginning to make a mark on Hollywood. Soon you’ll see him in David Ayer’s The Tax Collector, playing alongside Shia LaBeouf, but before all that make sure to check him out in his latest film The Quarry. I had a chance to speak to Bobby about the film and his takeaways from the current stay-at-home order and pandemic. He also shared with me his experience of being Latino in the entertainment industry. Check out the full interview below.


I found Bobby to be a really intelligent deep thinking individual. The way he spoke of his experience being a Latino actor and what it means to him, was very authentic.

Bobby made some really thought-provoking points when he spoke about the silver linings from this pandemic and how we need to appreciate the beauty of the world. The point he made about how nature heals itself and regenerates was poignant.

Interesting interview. I enjoyed hearing his perspective. He’s a talented actor and his supporting performance in The Quarry really stood out. I recommend seeing the film.

THE QUARRY is out now On Demand

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