This Week’s Must See Movie Releases (Week of Feb 6)


Permission illustrates a fantastic portrait of modern dating and love. The story centers around Anna (Rebecca Hall) who is in a serious committed relationship with Will (Dan Stevens), but after an eye-opening conversation with her friend, Anna decides that it might be in her best interest for her and Will to date and explore others before they make their lifelong commitment to another. There are some great scenes that will make you laugh and cringe. One of them being when Stevens’ character is rolling on the floor with Gina Gershon and he does a certain thing with spit, you’ll just have to see it.

What’s really intriguing about this film is the questions it instills and conversations it will ensue about what sex and love are. Rebecca Hall and Dan Stevens are a phenomenal pairing on-screen and deliver a relatable and authenticity of being a couple at a crossroads. It asks the question of how far would you go to test your commitment? Do we have a single love of our lives or are there multiple people you can fall in love with and equally be our soulmates? This is a film that has sex appeal and laugh appeal to a balanced extent. Check out this indie gem!

PERMISSION is out now in theaters and On Demand

Opening in NY & LA:
New York: Village East
Los Angeles: AMC Sunset and Arena Cinelounge

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