This Week’s Must See Movie Releases (Week of Feb 6)


Kangaroo’s are a national symbol of Australia. These revered beautiful creatures are natives of Australia and roam in the wild. This film exposes a dark unknown side of the terrors that surround this animals. The senseless killings that occur on a daily basis, turning them into accessories and meat. The harsh realities are documented in this film.

It’s informative, eye-opening and terrifying. It will make you cringe and have chills, with the uncomfortable footage you will witness. A definite must see documentary film, not only for kangaroo and animal lovers, but for all. This isn’t a cute happy movie about kangaroos, it’s more of a PETA-esque behind-the-scenes look at the sad unfortunate realities. There is no doubt that this film will make you motivated to try to make a difference and put forth action into this epidemic. A very important film, with an important message. It’s important everyone gets to check it out this impactful film that can make a difference.

For more information on the film and screening details check out Kangaroo Movie site.

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